濁和出汁ソバ, Tondaku Wadashi Soba

There many sayings about amazing things happening when talent and passion come together, for example, Keizo Shimamoto.


He consumes an insane amount Ramen, and he is consumed by Ramen.  Not only is he constantly traveling Japan updating his blog, he is also an amazing and creative Ramen chef.

On a recent trip to Japan I stopped by Keizo's ramen shop バサノバ Bassanova in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

バサノバ Bassanova

Our Sashimi Dinner in Shimokitazawa

グリーンカレーソバ Green Curry Soba

While enjoying my bowl of グリーンカレーそば Green Curry Soba  Keizo mentioned that he had the following evening off so we decided to get together.  When I met up with him the next night he asked me where I wanted to eat and the first thing that came to my mind was Bassanova, but I wasn't going to mention that since it was a rare day off and he is probably needs a break from the place.  So we ended up going for a great Sashimi dinner.

Seconds after exiting the restaurant, he suggested we all go over to Bassanova.  His day off and he wanted to go into work.  I was happy.

I held off for a few minutes because I was slightly ashamed to want Ramen right when we got there since we had just eaten, but this is what was left of my friend's bowl before for I could even get my camera ready.  Pretty impressive considering she is half my size.

濁和出汁ソバ, Tondaku Wadashi Soba

This time I went with the 豚濁和出汁ソバ, Tondaku Wadashi Soba.  If you are lucky enough to visit Keizo at Bassanova, order this first.  Then get the グレーンカレーそば, Green Curry Soba.  Then, ask Keizo what new creations he is working on and get a bowl of that.

I still cannot decide which one I enjoyed the most, but I think it is safe to say that the best bowl of Ramen I have ever had came from Bassanova.

Photographing his work

Below is an amazing film by Michael McAteer about Keizo. This film premiered at the 2012 NYC Food Film Festival. It also took home the Judges Award for Best Short Film.  Also check out